About Us

About Us

Yes, we were the family who had a BBQ grill in the front yard next to the porch!! 

Big Rah grew up barbecuing at a very early age, he used to tend to his Grandmother’s (who is from St. Louis) world renowned bbq. Between her and his Grandfather they groomed Big Rah for the makings of a pitmaster. 

Over the years Big Rah studied and sampled the very best barbecue sauces America has to offer and created what countless others have said as the “Best BBQ sauce they have ever tasted!!”

This rich and flavorful sauce contains some of the best elements from St. Louis-style, Kansas City-style and Texas style barbecue, into a line of sauces and seasonings that will knock your socks off!!

Big Rah’s BBQ sauce was the sauce behind the great BB King’s Blue Club in Los Angeles City Walk, causing their BBQ related orders to skyrocket over 300%. Big Rah’s BBQ sauce has also manufactured for some of the top gourmet and private label Barbecue sauces in America. 

Now it’s time for your family to have a taste of this flavorful bbq sauce! It is truly great on everything. We dare you to try it on things you wouldn’t normally dip bbq sauce on, like fries to thighs! Let us know what are the best foods you like to put Big Rah’s on!!


Bringing the Love from our family to yours!! 


-Big & Little Rah